About Us

BUILDAID goes back to 1985 when the very first resource-based quantities and cost calculating system in South Africa was developed. 

BUILDAID was incorporated in 1988 and the trademark was registered in the same year. The company’s initial product offering was computerised cost estimating software and shortly thereafter a professional building cost calculating service was offered. In 1989 an extension of this service was offered through a network of building material suppliers including Cashbuild, Penny Pinchers, Federated Timbers, Buy ‘n Build, Action Hardware and others.

In 1989 the BUILDAID system was linked to a CAD system where quantities were calculated as the drawing was created or changed. The development was a world first.

Eight BUILDAID franchises were set-up across South Africa to provide cost and quantity calculating services. This concept didn’t work as successfully as anticipated, with only BUILDAID Randburg remaining – this branch became BUILDAID Consulting and is still operating.

Software and even estimating services were ahead of their time and BUILDAID struggled to gain traction. Publishing was a logical progression for BUILDAID in its efforts to get cost and quantity calculating methodologies and information into the market. BUILDAID first printed the BUILDAID Building & Pricing Guide in 1993. The publication has become an industry standard. Numerous other books have also been produced and published by BUILDAID Publishing.

BUILDAID has been offering various services and products to the building industry since 1988 all, revolving around calculating building costs.

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