Building plans are the most important documents when building a new home. They are also an important record of what has been built. Depending on the date of the building, these plans may be on paper or digital or maybe they don’t exist or they are not an accurate representation. This could be for a single house or a complex. BUILDAID offers services that will help navigate these challenges.

  • Sourcing and collecting plans from a local authority/municipality.
  • What’s built on site can be assessed against what’s on the plans. If the plans don’t match, they can be revised and re-submitted.
  • If there are no plans available, BUILDAID can assess and measure what’s on site and compile new up-to-date digital plans for submission.
  • BUILDAID can assess if the structures have been built in accordance with regulations and if not, propose the actions required to correct this.
  • An existing second third dwelling on a property can, subject to regulations, be approved. Buildaid can manage this process.
  • For alterations and additions to a home that is older than 60 years will require a heritage application with the submitted building plans
  • For any alterations, additions or a new home; Buildaid can, in conjunction with registered architectural professionals, take you through the complete architectural process.


Most residential projects in South Africa go way over budget, putting the homeowner, contractor, bank and other parties in a difficult position.

Don’t let this happen; calculate the building costs before starting construction. A bill of resources is an accurate and complete list of every resource required in a specific building including material, labour, subcontractor and specialist.

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